I love the Raspberry Pi. You can turn it into almost anything! It is one of the greatest learning tools for programming, Linux, and Electronics!
Every geek should own at least 5 of them :)
- Raspberry Pi Starter Kit - A Great Starter Kit For General Projects And Computing
- Raspberry Pi Maker Kit - A Great Starter Kit For Electronics Projects
- Raspberrypi.org: What Is Raspberry Pi? (RaspberryPi.org)
- Adafruit: A Great Resource To Buy And Learn About Raspberry Pi
- So You Got A Raspberry Pi: Now What?
- Sonic PI: Coding Live Music
- Using MiniDLNA To Create A Media Server
- PiFace: Raspberry PI Expansion Modules
- The RetroPie Game Emulator Project
- OSMC: XBMC For Raspberry Pi
- OpenElec: More Lightweight XBMC For Raspberry Pi
- How To Do More With Raspberry Pi
- Python On The Raspberry Pi
- Start Programming Python On Raspberry Pi
- Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins And Python
- Kali Linux Security Distribution For Raspberry Pi
- Onion Pi: Tiny Anonymous Tor Proxy
- An Awesome 33 Node Raspberry Pi Beowolf Cluster
- Raspberry Pi Powered Rhett And Link Pinball Machine!